week 1

This week you will get to know other new local parents to be, joining the course.

We will talk about what is happening to your body in pregnancy and the important role of hormones we need to be aware of and why, how your body is changing and ways you can help yourself and each other.

We will talk about the signs and stages of labour, and how to start preparing for labour and birth, some ideas about breathing techniques, perineal massage and pelvic floor exercises. We also discuss your options of where you can have your baby and the benefits and recommendations for any of your choices.

Week 2

This week we will be doing some physical activities that you can also do at home. We will demonstrate some useful techniques to help you feel more comfortable during pregnancy and help get baby into a good position ready for birth and show some positions that can be useful in labour, even if you choose an epidural.

We will also talk about how to manage early labourĀ  and your options for pain relief in both early and established labour, as well as the pros and cons for each option.

Week 3

This week we will focus on established labour, knowing when to see your midwife and more about your choices.

We will discuss procedures that may be offered to you in labour and birth including assisted birth with forceps or vacuum cup and the reasons why, as well as choices you have.

Hopefully this session will help you feel more prepared and ready to meet your baby on the day.

We will also talk about options you have for monitoring baby’s heartbeat in labour and some useful information about baby in the first few hours after birth.

Week 4

For your last session we will have some fun learning about looking after your new baby. We will demonstrate bathing baby, nappy changing, safe sleeping, making feeds, settling baby and much more. We will also discuss breastfeeding and give you as much information as possible to get you off to a good start!

We will also talk about you becoming new parents, some challenges you may face and ways to make things a little easier.

We will bid you farewell and hope to hear of your wonderful birth stories after you have had your baby.

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