What are the benefits of attending birth classes?

Attending birth classes can help you and your partner feel and be more prepared for labour, birth and life with your new-born. The information and knowledge from the classes can help you know your choices and know what to expect during labour and birth. Being prepared mentally and physically can help you have a more positive birth experience, feel more confident about pregnancy, labour and birth and can also reduce the chances of an assisted birth. We will also help you feel more prepared for life with your baby and provide lots of advice to help your recovery in the postnatal period. In addition to getting ready for the main event, you will also meet with other parents to be from your local area. our classes are fun and interactive and a great way to meet new friends.

How many weeks pregnant do have to be to attend classes?

Preferably 30 weeks or more, but you can attend any time. Just remember its a 4 week course and these may not always run consecutively for various reasons, and you are considered full term from 37 weeks pregnant!

I’ve had a baby before, can I still attend?

Absolutely, Every birth is unique and different. people often want to attend classes if it has been a long time since having their last baby or they want to refresh or increase their knowledge, to aim for a different birth experience this time. Your options for mode of birth or place of having your baby may be different this time. You don’t need a reason, it’s your choice and no matter how many babies you have had before, you are more than welcome!

Can I attend antenatal classes without a partner?

Yes. you are very welcome to attend on your own. if you have any worries about attending on your own please get in touch and we will be happy to chat with you.

What if I miss an antenatal class?

If you miss a class we will give you as much information as we can and send you as much information as possible around the topics you have missed. unfortunately we do not offer any refunds.

What if I no longer want to attend the course?

If you can no longer attend a course you have booked, unfortunately this is non refundable. However, in certain situations or circumstances we may consider a partial refund. If you decide to drop out of the course at any stage after the 1st session this is non refundable and non negotiable.

Can I bring more than one person to a course?

Unfortunately not. we want to keep the number of people in the classes to a minimum. If you are planning to have more than one person with you or supporting you in labour, you can share the information from your antenatal classes with your other supporters/partners outside of class. We are happy to provide any supporting information we can, or signpost you to further information resources if you want it.

For baby massage classes, we accommodate one caregiver to one baby to keep the group size as small as possible and as to not overstimulate baby.

Do you offer a single full day session rather than a 4 week course?

Yes, but at the moment the full day workshops are not done on a regular basis. The sessions will be available once per month in the near future. These workshops are ideal for parents who are unable to attend evening classes, or are too far along in their pregnancy to cover 4 weeks of classes, only want the labour and birth sessions, or only want the baby care sessions. Alternatively, you might want to consider a one to one session at home.

do you provide refreshments?

YES! we provide tea, coffee and light snacks at all our classes. feel free to bring along your own drinks and snacks if you wish.

Do I have to pay double for twins at massage class?

No! Twins are more than welcome at no extra cost, this includes having another caregiver for them. We recommend one caregiver to one baby at baby massage classes.

What If I miss a baby massage class?

If you miss a class, we will provide illustrated handouts for the session you missed. We will recap on the previous session at the beginning of the next class. If you need further information this can be discussed before or after a class.

How long is the 1 to 1 home session?

This session usually lasts around 6 hours. As the day is exclusively set for you, you can have as much or as little time with any part of the course you wish. If the time exceeds 6 hours this is not a problem and you will not be charged any more.

Is there any support between and after antenatal classes?

Yes! When you enrol on a 4 week antenatal course you will be invited to join a what’s app group. This group will be myself and other parents in your specific group only. The same applies to baby massage courses. The group is a great way to support each other & ask questions between and after classes.

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