Caesarean & Baby Course

A 2 week course to help you prepare in advance for your planned Caesarean and bringing your new baby home following a caesarean section.

Week 1 we will discuss helpful information for birth partners, how to prepare as much as possible prior to birth. Know what choices you have to help make the day as special as possible and feel involved in your care. Know every step of the process from entering hospital to going home. Know what to expect in theatre and initial recovery in hospital.

Week 2 will cover lots of information for recovering at home for both you and your partner, what to expect with your baby, challenges you may face and some tips on dealing with these. We will talk about feeding, nappy changing, bathing and wellbeing of your new baby.

It is also a great opportunity to ask lots of questions, discuss any worries you may have and meet other parents to be also expecting to have a planned caesarean birth.

As with all my classes unlimited tea, coffee and biscuits are provided!

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